Saturday, February 6, 2010


As with most things in life, getting started is the hardest part (at least for me).  When I have an idea, a million and one things start flying through my head that hold me back from beginning.  They usually revolve around the fear of the unknown, which is pretty much what I'm experiencing right now with this blog.

I've always kept journals for my private thoughts and life reflections, but I've never had a public blog before.  Lately, I've been getting into reading blogs (most of whom I've found through Twitter), especially ones focused on education.  That sparked my interest in creating my own.  Then today, I was looking at The 30 Goals Challenge e-book by Shelly Terrell and decided that I wanted to give the challenge a try (though I'm a month late).  The first goal is to "post your first 2010 diary entry", which is what this is.  I do realize that participating in this challenge will require me to update on a regular basis, which is always a struggle due to my busy schedule, but it will be another welcomed challenge for myself.  

On a side note I want to say...
I do have some hesitations about blogging, mainly because I'm an honest gal with a big heart, and I don't ever want that to get me in trouble.  I am passionate about education so I have strong opinions about it.  There are so many wonderful things about teaching, but it does not come without its fair share of problems. With that being said, there are some days when I love my job and some days when I don't, and my posts can reflect either of those days.  They may range from my successes in the classroom to my concerns and questions about instructional decisions, to my frustration with things that aren't working.  If a post should ever reflect this frustration, it is not to be taken as a bashing of my school, city, or school district.

In fact, anything I write is solely my opinion, not that of my school, city, or school district.

I'd also like to point out that I am a lifelong learner and I love hearing others' opinions.  It gives me different viewpoints to mull over and other perspectives to take into consideration.  So please leave comments.  I will do my best to keep the conversation going!


  1. Congrats for getting started! I always appreciate your candor and honesty on Twitter so I look forward to more of your stories here :-)

  2. So glad that you decided to start a blog! Gppd post. Your feelings about teaching are normal, as with any other profession, people have both good and bad days. I think with regard to educators, people expect us to be happy and 'on it' all the time and that is an unrealistic expectation. We internalize that and beat ourselves up for having a 'bad day.' I think writing this blog and getting feedback from other teachers may help you with that feeling!

    Looking forward to reading more!


  3. Y-E-S!!! Congratulations on getting STARTED. I already love your voice and transparency. I look forward to following your blog.

  4. Thanks for your comments & warm welcomes! I'll be sure to keep you updated on new posts.

  5. I am excited you have started your own blog. Honesty and passion about education will add interesting posts. I can't wait to read them. If blogs don't make me think, feel, or reflect then they aren't really worth reading so I encourage you to let your passion shine!

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