Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lesson Plans, Oh Lesson Plans

Lesson plans are a thorn in my side....yet I wouldn't be able to function without them.  I rely on them to stay on top of what I'm teaching for the whole week, but I hate the fact that they take soooo much time to create.  I won't even go into how they are due on Fridays, which is pretty much impossible for me.  What I've been wondering lately is where is my time better spent?  Right now, I spend my weekends planning my lessons for the upcoming week.  However, when Monday rolls around I have no materials made for the lessons.  This means I usually have to stay late every night making the charts, work, and materials for the next day OR make them in the moment, which causes behavior problems in my classroom.  So of course, I would love to have the weekends to make the materials, but then when will I do my lesson plans? 

I wonder, if there were a weekend where I could do 2 weeks worth of plans so then I could then switch my roles where I use the weekend to create materials and use the week to do lesson plans after school?  I haven't gotten myself to manage my time well enough yet where I can do it all in one or two nights, so either way working on the weekends and staying late after school is unavoidable. 

How do you work out the lesson plan vs. material making time crunch?

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